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Helping you to publish, not perish!

Publish or perish – the mantra that tortures every young academic trying to make a successful career. Sounds a bit dramatic, but as an ex-academic myself, I know only too well that the pressure to publish is very, very real. And that sending a manuscript out for peer review can be a daunting experience.


That’s where I can help. I spend my days making sure that manuscripts are clear and easy to read before they are sent to the peer reviewer. Why is that important? Well, peer reviewers usually work for free and are not obliged to review every manuscript that lands on their desk. And nothing says ‘don’t bother with me’ more than a badly written manuscript. In this blog, I’m going to share my experiences as a language editor (and sympathetic scientist) to help you write a winning manuscript.


I always tell my clients to keep their writing concise and to-the-point (more about that in another post). So, I will be doing just that. Each article will deal with a common problem faced by my own clients and will provide the solution well before you finish your tea or coffee. Watch this space . . .

Get the answers over your morning coffee. . .

Get the answers over your morning coffee . . .

Claire Bacon is a former research scientist with professional qualifications in copy editing and medical editing. She edits manuscripts for non-native English-speaking scientists and works as a copy editor for a biomedical journal.

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